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  • Arpita Dutta

    Arpita Dutta

    Flatiron School Alumni | Software Engineer

  • Markus Hanslik

    Markus Hanslik

    writes about web development, starting up, and managing projects and people.

  • Trey Huffine

    Trey Huffine

    Founder of skilled.dev and gitconnected.com - Passionate for helping developers grow their careers. @treyhuffine

  • Harsh Dusane

    Harsh Dusane

    Experienced software professional with more than 6 years of experience shipping highly scalable applications in various verticals.

  • Fikri Hakim

    Fikri Hakim

  • Jonelle Noelani Yacapin

    Jonelle Noelani Yacapin

    Certified Sommelier and Flatiron School Software Engineering Grad

  • Margarita Morozova

    Margarita Morozova

    @FlatironSchool alumna

  • Noah Eakin

    Noah Eakin

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